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Garage Door Repair in Windermere, FL

Our team at Garage Door Repair Windermere, FL is committed to making sure your garage door is operating at its full potential. Our technicians make their repairs using top of the line products. You are always in good hands when you choose us for your garage door repairs. 

Repair Service You Can Depend On

If you have an issue with your garage door, we make it our goal to return it to working order as promptly as possible. Our technicians work effectively and efficiently. Each one possesses the experience and skillset that you would expect from a professional repairman. 

When you contact us for garage door service, we will dispatch a technician immediately. Upon arrival on site, they work quickly to identify the problem. Some of the most common issues they find when serving a broken garage door are:

  • Springs - we can work on both extension and torsion springs
  • Cables - these often break and need to be replaced
  • Rollers - may need to be lubricated or replaced
  • Tracks - these break and misalign over time and may need to be replaced
  • Sensors - these can become dirty and may need to be cleaned
  • Remotes - if lost, we can replace them
  • Door panels - we can replace them
  • Openers - our technicians are familiar with all makes and models
  • And much more!

No matter what complications you have with your door, we can fix it! Our team is dedicated to making sure your door is operating to your standards. 

We Only Use Reliable Parts

Part of our commitment to our customers is making sure that the parts we use are reliable. We choose to partner with manufacturers that are able to provide us with the name brand products that you know. You can trust that the parts our technicians use for their repairs are made to last. 

Exiting Your Garage In An Emergency

Do you know how you would exit your garage in the case of an emergency if you were not able to open your door electronically? During a power outage, for example. As a safety precaution, your garage door is equipped with an emergency release cord. 

This cord, or rope, is normally red and should hang from the trolley of your garage door opener. You should never pull this rope while the door is open. Doing so could cause the door to fall closed. The impact of the door could cause severe damage or bodily harm. Please call a garage door professional if your door is ever stuck in the open position. 

To engage your emergency release cord, you will pull down on the rope away from your door. This will cause the trolley to detach from the opener carriage. You will now be able to manually move the door. To reattach the opener carriage to the trolley, you will pull down on the rope towards the door. Your door should once again operate electronically.

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